Dear Mentoring, You Are Failing Young Women

July 6, 2018


I know that I am stating the obvious when I say that everyone should support organizations that serve girls and young women.  Whether it is national organizations such as the American Association of University Women, Girls Who Code and Girls for a Change, or smaller community, school-based and faith-based organizations, they deserve priority in our funding, volunteer, and professional efforts.

However, as a member of the mentoring consulting community, I have to say that I’m disappointed in us.  Where are our outreach efforts? Where are the earmarked funds, designated specifically for organizations serving women?   Why is it that there are so many organizations looking to create or enhance mentoring programs that aren’t being served?

And this is especially egregious as the research shows just how effective mentoring can be for young women.   The research indicates that mentoring produces gains in young women’s listening and speaking skills, self-respect, confidence, health, positive choices, goal setting, study skills and academic performance1.

But there is one organization that I believe has not failed these organizations and is committed to young womens’ success: The National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC).  The NMRC collaborated with the AED Center for Gender Equality to develop a comprehensive guidebook for providing mentoring for girls and young women. They not only made it available for their consultants but for everyone (  They have also partnered with the WNBA to support its “Take a Seat, Take A Stand” empowerment program.  But the NMRC doesn’t just talk the talk. They provide funding for consultants like myself to provide mentoring technical assistance to womens’ organizations at no cost to those organizations.

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Let’s all work together to live our values and provide young women with the mentoring services they deserve.

1 AED Center for Gender Equality, (2009), Girls success: Mentoring guide for life skills,

Dr. Jeffrey Kranzler, Ph.D., LCSW-C has provided mentoring consulting to organizations such as Johns Hopkins University’s A-Level Capital and Covenant house of New York.  he has established multiple successful school-based mentoring programs.  To learn more about his work visit www.leafmentoring.comand to learn more about the outcomes his school-based mentoring programs produce, visit