The Mentoring World Cannot Remain Silent on Immigration Any Longer

August 7, 2018

We Mentoring Advocates, who value human relationships above almost everything else, cannot remain silent when the most important human relationships are being attacked.

We Mentoring Advocates must be shouting from the rooftops.  It is not bordering on the absurd, it is beyond absurd, to work to create extra-familial relationships when children are being ripped away from their parents.

There can no room for compartmentalization, for focusing on our small part of the world and ignoring others.  It’s time to say that our worlds stop, that we can’t do our jobs in good conscience when this suffering continues.

I know that there is a fear of immigrants in our country.  As a grandchild of immigrants, I have never feared immigrants.  I am the great-grandson of an immigrant who worked in a leather factory, whose son was a principal of a high school, whose grandchildren and great-grandchildren are doctors. I have a personal understanding of the gifts that first, second and third generation immigrants bring to this country.

We don’t just have a moral responsibility to care for those fleeing poverty and persecution.  We NEED immigrants. We need their passion for realizing the American Dream. We need the new perspectives and ideas that immigrants bring to this country, the infusion of innovation that has always kept America a step ahead and made us the most powerful nation on earth.

When immigrants thrive, America thrives.

I believe in America.  I believe that we make mistakes and I believe that we fix those mistakes. This is one of the those that we must fix, but it isn’t one that we can take our time in fixing.  There are five-year-olds being kept away from their parents.


Dr. Jeffrey Kranzler, Ph.D., LCSW-C has provided mentoring consulting to organizations such as Johns Hopkins University’s A-Level Capital and Covenant house of New York.  he has established multiple successful school-based mentoring programs.  To learn more about his work visit www.leafmentoring.comand to learn more about the outcomes his school-based mentoring programs produce, visit