#UTC2018 – Maryland MENTOR’s Reflections from the Road

October 15, 2018

We did it yall. 200 hours on the road and 100 boxes of pizza later, we have the culmination (and simultaneously the commencement) of everyone’s hard work and solid participation in our statewide listening tour. When Maryland MENTOR launched, there was never a mistake that we couldn’t be successful, or even relevant, without the input of the folx who have been doing this work way before our inception. The people like YOU, who have been going strong and making a difference even without an entity like Maryland MENTOR providing additional supports.

And it was a pleasure to meet you. From the depths of Allegany County to the warm residents of the Eastern Shore and down to the southern most depths of the “western shore”, we took in some wonderful stories and were inspired by how much you’ve invested yourselves into the important work of supporting Maryland’s young people. Some of our favorite moments on the road include interacting with the young program workers of the Lead 4 Life program in Montgomery County, Randomly stopping at the Hagerstown outlets after leaving our Western Maryland town hall, and our final town hall in Baltimore City with a room maxed to capacity and bustling with collaborative energy. And as a VISTA on a budget, taking home boxes of pizza came in handy for me.

The release of this report represents the end of a chapter. It holds the stories of Maryland MENTOR’s humble beginnings in the community. The release of this report is also the start of something new, the turning of a page. We’re excited to be in partnership with you in this movement for our young people. Hopefully, you’ve seen from our inaugural efforts that we’re serious about working with you. Let’s stick together and create the future our young people deserve.

Post by: Patrice Bryan – Maryland MENTOR Operations Manager

Read the Report –>  Upholding the Covenant: State of Mentoring in Maryland 2018