At an Optimistic Reach

August 20, 2020

By: Conica Smith

Community and Family Advocate

Mentor and Independent Contractor

Family and Consumer Science, BS

You can be as long as your familiar with changes of life

The journey of life can be viewable through the component of the frontal lobe. The journey of a young person maturity has multiple levels to reach

  • Playful vs quite 
  • Fitting In vs puberty 
  • Family vs friends 
  • Me , myself and I vs The World 

The author Eda Leshun wrote eight chapters about children’s feelings in various contextual subjects. The title “What’s The Matter With Me? seem perfect for the following everyday life condition in a child’s view.

When I was growing up the people around me were giants. The voices were way up above my head. Their laughs were different and their smells could be matched with their personality. It was something about my nostrils that led me to ” ruuuuunnn”, get excited or feel nostalgic. The giants were people who lived in a house with me or people we visit. 

Being a child those giants talked to me and in my child state of mind, I seemed to listen. Understand the child in me at that time heard ” sit still and don’t move”, ” don’t go near the curb”, ” fight back if somebody hits you,  hit back”. The giants at that time understood changes  in the environment disturb a place in the atmosphere. Those giants at that time were full of life; they were the adults. 

Now being an adult looks different , I want to change the world. The youth voice has a ton of weight and can be heard throughout.  If I would describe “ all people were created equal”  through my time of growing up it would go something like this “ I received a call from my childhood friend, she said  I wrote a book would you support me.” what a word of expressions no uncertainty  in excitement. SUPPORT & CELEBRATE. Her truth was “I need you to ask others to support my book release party”. My friend respected my lifestyle and understood if I did not enter a revenue where she celebrated. COMFORTABLE, PEACE , PIONEERED & HELPFUL. During that cold and frigid night I supported my childhood friend book signing and I exit at my own time. SETTLED, EXECUTIVE, SORT.

A child’s life is full of excitement and the challenges of tying shoes does not stop . Who would’ve thought tying shoes take up half of the playground time. The Excitement of life when growing up can be a rewarding experience, seeking attention, strength to ask ” look what I can do”. The challenges may fall into a space of being frantic or exhaustion.  Then here comes the unsettling part, the uneasy of remorseful to ” oh no not this again “. Things look different in a view of an eye and different smells are strange when you’re a child. When excitement and challenges come together they can be a tangle of circumstances. Neglecting  tying shoes may stun onlookers. the pressure of catching up, the torment of being teased may impose upon the child.  The adults, well we are building the energetic energy of the community. The  take off pushes the wind away by the force of gaining speed faster and faster. The echoes of the giant voices place a dapper on the expectations of a carefree childhood.  Now the new experience of a voice that changes feeling just doesn’t surface, it immediately matches experience.;trajectory changes.

As an adult I discover perfection is not a challenge, it’s a lifestyle. Being imperfect  it’s not painful but it creates a feeling that causes my face to use so many muscles. At the child stage I’m folding my arms and I want to keep expressing my words. The way the child in me began to feel I just wanted to kick my shoes off! My toes want freedom, away from tying my shoes.

The giants changes,  the voices changes the smells become different and much stronger. At that ‘member’ moment in my child life, I learnt teachers are people who listen and instruct in a room away from home. The one thing to realize the teacher didn’t see ” me having excitement and challenges, I thought the muscles in my face was permanent “.

 When children are in their moment of excitement they have no time limits because they don’t see challenges as adults. Slipping on shoes becomes easy for most, some may fall into dislike categories or unaffordable items.  It is the style that is selective, my choice. Now those giants we learned earlier from adults can be anything that children experience an understanding. Rather it’s finishing the challenge, catching up or creativity it’ll become the path of your choice.

Maturity is a term,  a word,  a category and a word that comes from ” Mature “. This word can be heard from the time the voice echoed, started, or stopped. You’ll have to choose  when there will be a time to grow up.The pickens are different like life choices, uneven, ventures, direct  exposure  or dreams 

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  • Education  ,Schools ,Church ,Appearance ,Praises, Compliments