Alicia & Keyla

Alicia and Keyla are two years into their mentoring relationship and counting. The pair, who met in 2016, credit each other with the success they’ve found in their academic, professional, and personal lives. “The number one thing I’ve gotten out of our relationship is to never stop pushing yourself,” says mentee Keyla. She has taken this message to heart by challenging herself to reach new academic goals in her AP and Honors classes.

“One thing I’ve learned from Keyla is you have to be resilient. Her courage really inspires me” says mentor Alicia. “Community Bridges has really helped to bring out the best in both of us. It has been fantastic to see [Keyla’s] growth and her desire to achieve more. But it’s also great as a mentor to see how we get to change.” The Community Bridges Mentoring Program facilitates the growth of relationships like Keyla and Alicia’s. Through mentoring, girls are supported and nurtured to become exceptional students, positive leaders, and healthy young women.

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