Aliyah & Patrice

Aliyah reminds me a lot of my younger self. She’s a brilliant girl who doesn’t have any issue making good grades. So, at first glance, people think this young person isn’t the one who needs the mentor. But that couldn’t be more wrong. Aliyah often struggles with the motivation to continue doing school in the traditional ways that bore her to tears. She sees the many possibilities in the world to be great and explore and doesn’t want to invest her whole self in the monotony that sometimes is her experience in school. Her feelings are totally valid. At the same time, without a mentor how does she get to responsibly navigate those possibilities while understanding the need to survive capitalism?

While she doesn’t need me to hold her hand through any part of life, what she does need and enjoy is having me around to be a sounding board for her decision making process. Aliyah keeps me on my toes because I always have to be ready to synthesize her wildest dreams into right now experiences that can set her up for a future of living them. Did I mention that Aliyah is awesome?

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