Kaoutar’s Story

My story with mentorship and why you should create your own:

In life, what matters most is not what our obstacles are but how we see them, how we react to them, and how we keep our motivation.

In my life, right after graduating from one of the top engineering universities in my country – Morocco. I experienced multiple forms of rejection. I was rejected because I was unskilled, not a good fit, sometimes due to over qualification or simply just because I am a woman. I felt unsafe, paralyzed and horrified. I swiftly realised that higher education is not about getting a job. Then, I had only two choices, using this rejection as a catapult or simply giving up.

Often, out of our greatest rejection comes our clearest direction. my story began when I met my mentor. I had a one-on-one mentoring sessions with him. It was an opportunity to refine my career objectives, oriented a career path for the successful attainment of my professional goals.

That experience is among my most cherished memories and is a defining moment in my journey. It has shaped me and helped me look through a wider lens, not just in my career, but with the problems of life.

As, Issac Newton said: “If you’ve seen further it is because you’ve been standing on the shoulders of giants.” Standing on the shoulders of giants allowed me to have a successful career and this is why I always want to be a giant as well, so that others can stand on my shoulders. I will continue to help those struggling for success, especially women and girls in the engineering field. I am constantly learning how to give and receive knowledge in order to establish a productive partnership. Mentoring is a cycle that never stops,once you embrace it, you are always going to stick with it.

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