Sadiq & LaMarr

I’m excited to share with you all the story of just one of my mentors, LaMarr. I felt this was important for me to share this because so many times we think only young people need mentors, when the reality is that EVERYONE needs a mentor or mentors in their life. This is because people are messy and life is even messier!

I met LaMarr several years ago during an event in Baltimore where he spoke. I remember reaching out to him because not only did I feel his passion when he spoke, I also remember thinking to myself “this is a standup man that I can probably learn something from.” He not only responded to my first request to meet with him, he immediately took me under his wing and shared of himself the entire time.

He’s taught me things about business, about being a better professional, as well as shared lessons on being a better father and overall better man. The crazy thing is that this has all been AFTER I turned 30. I ask questions and he answers honestly. But then he asks me questions and allows me to figure things out on my own.

LaMarr is also one of the people in my life who encourages me to lift others up as I climb (especially people), and to always keep in mind that someone else may be able to benefit from my experience. Mentoring will also be something that is present in my life, whether I am being mentored or I’m being a mentor myself. My message to you is that mentoring works and for you to actively seek out a mentor as well as find a young person who needs what you have offer and then do your best to support them.

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