Talbot Mentors

Five years ago, newlyweds Brenda Fike and husband Scott Spector moved here to take over running her father-in-law’s Bay Imprint business in Easton. Not knowing many people at that time, Fike looked to become involved with something that suited her work schedule. When Talbot Mentor’s (TM) board member, Merrilie Ford walked into the store to order a TM banner, Fike learned about this small organization, similar to Big Brother/Big Sister, that existed in her community.

Recalling her own childhood, Fike knew it ‘takes a village’ to raise a child and she recognized that this is where she could immerse her sense of community responsibility and compassion. As a former teacher and camp counselor, Fike was well-aware that some children could benefit from a little extra time with an adult and was drawn to the one-on-one relationship she could develop.

Fike found the comfort and confidence she needed to make the commitment to a child “knowing the support Talbot Mentors provides, the initial training I received, and the TM sponsored events and activities offered.” She also felt the commitment of a couple of hours a week was flexible for her work schedule. “Going to local parks, watching Pixar films, TM sponsored events such as bowling, and other youthful activities makes me more connected to kids these days. I’ve also made new friendships through Talbot

Mentors and my mentee’s extended family network.” To Fike, “this mentorship gives me (good) distractions from the current National events and it’s a motivator to get me out of the office once a week.”

Fike teared up remembering when her eight-year-old mentee told her: “When I’m having a bad day at school I pretend you’re there with me and I think about the fun things we’ll do together when I see you.” Her mentee suggested her favorite things to do together are: “going to the parks, playing tennis, making brownies, eating at Subway, and helping me with homework.” Recently Talbot

Mentors organized horseback riding for them and they LOVED it. When asked her favorite thing about Fike, she said with a warm, loving smile “the sparkles in her eyes and her smile. Oh, and her dog.”

Fike has enjoyed the past two years watching her mentee’s growth and developing maturity. Reflecting on her experience thus far, Fike says, “I thought being a Mentor would be all about me giving…but, it’s not one-sided. I’ve enjoyed finding friendship.”


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