Maryland Mentoring Institute


About the Maryland MENTORing Institute

The Maryland Mentoring Institute in Baltimore City would provide immediate support to a select number of Baltimore City based mentoring programs to benefit from an immersive experience centered around

The Maryland Mentoring Institute will be a 12-week intensive, designed to provide each participating organization/leader with the tools, resources, training, and support needed to run an effective, safe, quality-focused mentoring program. Organizations will undergo a suite of 4 trainings, receive 15 hours of technical assistance, and host a mentor recruitment fair in Baltimore City.

Maryland Mentoring Institute goals:



Selection Criteria

§Be a program leader of a Baltimore City-based mentoring program, at least 18 years of age
§ Demonstrate an interest and willingness to incorporate quality mentoring program best practices into their organization, exemplified through the application process.
§ Be a passionate mentoring field practitioner excited about continuous learning and professional development as a means to better support the young people in your organization

Note: 3 individuals can participate in MMI in Baltimore City per organization, only one application necessary

Candidate Profile:

In addition to meeting the above selection criteria, successful candidates for the 2018 Maryland MENTORing Institute in Baltimore City should desire to

§ Access greater resources
§ Strengthen their connection to the mentoring field
§ Build a relationship with a mentor in their focus field
§ Refine leadership skills
§ Make significant impacts to improve outcomes for the young people served

§ Be a change agent

Successful candidates for the 2018 Baltimore City Mentoring Institute also demonstrate the following traits:

§ Commitment to the field, with at least 3 years of experience
§ Capacity to make data-driven decisions, including data collection and analysis
§ Attend all cohort sessions




In addition to the topic-specific learning sessions outlined above, Academy fellows receive the following benefits by participating in the program:

§ Access to Institute member-only Facebook Group.

§ Opportunities to Contribute. Opportunities to provide content to be published on the Maryland MENTOR website blog and/or social media campaigns during and after
participation in the Institute.
§ Enhanced Network. Access to a diverse network of field leaders, practitioners, policymakers, philanthropists, and content experts, including a formal, guided mentoring relationship with
a mentoring program consultant from the Maryland MENTOR TA team.
§ Ongoing Practitioner Support. Graduate fellows that matriculate through the program will be afforded ongoing support over time. Graduates also remain connected to the Academy
through various communication, professional development and evaluation opportunities, and the opportunity to mentor future fellows.
§ Mentoring. Each fellow will have individual and small group mentoring with specific support based on self-selected programmatic challenges and a mentoring consultant expert.
§ Stipend and other incentives. Programs that complete Institute will receive a stipend and incentive package valued at over $6000, including a program mini-grant, registration for the 2019
National Mentoring Summit, program consulting, materials & more!