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Webinar Date January 5, 2020

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NMRC Webinars

Strategies for Studying the Attunement and Cohesion of Mentoring Relationships

This webinar is part of the National Mentoring Resource Center’s ongoing series of learning opportunities for researchers and scholars who may be studying or evaluating mentoring relationships and programs. This webinar will discuss strategies for assessing the qualities of mentoring relationships, with a specific emphasis on the concept of “attunement” between mentors and youth mentees, as well as between staff and adult mentors. It will also examine measures of “group cohesion” and group dynamics for programs using a group mentoring model where multiple relationships are in play at once. Examples of these concepts and associated measures being used in real-world settings will also be discussed. This webinar will be valuable to any researcher, evaluator, or scholar looking for new ways of assessing the “magic” that happens between participants in a mentoring program.

Teaching Social Emotional Competencies in Mentoring Programs

This webinar will explore a national definition of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and how mentoring can contribute to young people’s social emotional development. Presenters will discuss successful strategies of integrating the Search Institute Developmental Assets® Framework into a mentoring strategy, interviewing to assess SEL competence, and assessing SEL progress in program evaluation.

Mentoring to and through College

Not only can applying and getting to college be a daunting endeavor, but also navigating the higher education system, once you are there, can be an even more mystifying experience, especially for young people who are the first in their families to attend college. Programs that mentor students to and through college can make a big impact. From learning about funding opportunities through scholarships to forming the networks to build their social capital and navigate those on-campus supports, these can all serve to better the college experience and increase persistence. This webinar will focus on the ways mentoring programs and mentors can support youth as they transition to and through college.

Family Engagement to Strengthening Mentoring Relationships

While mentoring programs emphasize the bond between mentors and youth, programs must also acknowledge the crucial role families play in the relationship. Learning to effectively engage parents, caregivers and other family members can lead to stronger and more positive mentoring experiences and outcomes for the youth we serve. Involved caregivers and families are more apt to have a positive view of their child’s mentoring relationship and to be more supportive of the match.
Webinar Attendees will: Recognize the importance family engagement has on youth and mentoring relationships Understand the barriers and misconceptions to caregiver and family engagement Learn effective strategies on how to engage caregivers and families in helping to support youth in mentoring relationships

Mentoring in the Age of Technology

Technology and mentoring have an almost twenty year history. The field is sophisticated and entrepreneurial, connecting youth in isolated communities with mentors rich in experience and willingness. Join Kate Schrauth of iCouldBe.org and Camille Stone of WeTeachScience.org as they reflect on the lessons learned and opportunities of tech and mentoring. Joining them will be Dr. Lindsay Page, a researcher from The University of Pittsburgh, as she discusses her work with text based mentoring interventions. Learn from the experts as they discuss the opportunities, cautions and intricacies of tech incorporated with mentoring best practices.

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